Business Plan

Here below are the main items in summary form that we recommend using in the preparation of a business plan. A business plan can be prepared in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

  1. A brief summary of the Project
    1. Description of business concept and target market for the new products or services;
    2. Information about products;
    3. Amount and purpose of the application for investment, including detailed information about intended use of funds;
    4. The current stage of the business (the development or expansion of an existing business);
    5. The management team;
    6. The main expected financial performance and other benefits.
  2. The history of your company
    1. Year of incorporation of your company and its achievements to date;
    2. A summary of founders (please do focus on their respective experiences and their activities in the company);
    3. The ownership structure and legal status (please indicate the names of all owners, including the all individuals and entities whose share ownership in the company exceeds 5%);
    4. The main investments / loans received in the past;
    5. Products and services developed and implemented by the company; how they have become successful.
  3. Products / Services
    1. A detailed description of current output or planned products/services offered;
    2. The pricing policy;
    3. Competitive advantages: why your product / service will be given preference over others;
  4. Market / Customers;
    1. Description of your target market: the current volume and growth potential; Past, current and projected market trends; any special features, if any (seasonality, cyclicality, etc.);
    2. Description of direct customers and end users (list of main customers, if any). Indicate whether products for export or sold on the domestic market. If the products are sold on the domestic market, specify whether to sell it in individual regions or across the country;
    3. Information about how your products / services meet the needs of customers;
  5. Competitors:
      1. Feature your main competitors (local and foreign), including information about what their activities are similar to yours and differences;
      2. Information about your competitiveness, that is, what market share you have in the moment;
      3. A brief analysis of potential new competitors.
  6. Marketing:
      1. The pricing policy and strategy;
      2. The methods of implementation and distribution of products, including salaries of sales personnel;
      3. Advertising, promotion and public relations;
      4. Geographic coverage.
  7. Manufacturing
    1. General characteristics of the production process, including information on existing fixed assets and the estimated new equipment;
    2. List of the raw materials used and its suppliers (by source of supply – domestic and foreign);
    3. The situation as for labor force.
  8. Management
    1. Qualifications and experience of key members of the management team, including education, relevant experience, work experience in the industry and in the company, important awards (enclose, if possible, relevant job descriptions, wage data, possession shares and detailed autobiography of all the top executives);
    2. Description of the organizational structure (attach an organizational chart if necessary);
    3. Description of the proposed governance structure, including detailed job descriptions and minimum requirements the qualification for each vacancy.
  9. Financial projections
    1. Financial statements (balance sheets, income statement and cash flow reports, if they are available) for the last three years;
    2. The current financial report;
    3. The forecast of profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet, taking into account proposed investments;
    4. List of the main assumptions that were used for the calculations.
  10. General Information / Applications
    1. Market research;
    2. Photos of your products;
    3. The protocols of intent from potential customers;
    4. A letter of recommendation (relating to products or services of your company );
    5. The contracts or other legal documents related to your business;
    6. Special Awards (directly related to your business or your achievements in business).