Principle of Fund operation

Private equity fund investing in promising sectors, defining its investment strategy by acquiring significant, including the control, shareholdings and taking an active part in the management.
The main activity of the Private equity fund is long-term investment in the form of incorporation of enterprises, the acquisition of shares in companies, as already issued and new shares (the additional issue, the proceeds of which remain in the company):

Direct Investment Fund carry out their investment activities in accordance with the declared investment strategy, which includes a specialization in certain sectors and regions, subject to minimum and maximum size of the investment, the size of the acquired share (shares), the level of participation of the fund in the activities of investment objects, and so on.

Income of Private equity fund depends on the development of its portfolio of investments, so the classic private equity funds are interested in the stable development of its portfolio companies and creating value through active participation in the activities of these companies, together with management and existing shareholders.

Traditional investment horizon for fund is from 3 to 7 years. At the end of this period, the fund can realize its investment in the company trough IPO, or by selling its stake to the other shareholders, the company itself, or external investors.

The main benefits of a partnership with Private Equity Fund


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